Fixing broken pipes with Pipe Relining on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast blocked drains are often caused by tree roots making their way into a crack or a loose joint in the pipework. Once the tree roots have been cleaned out, Gold Coast homeowners will need to weigh up their options of how to get it repaired, to evade ongoing drain blockages.

A lot of people are unaware that there is a way to avoid digging up pipes, which can be both costly and messy. Pipe relining is the new solution to old pipe problems. Essentially, pipe relining is placing a new pipe inside the old one using cured epoxy resin.

Why choose Gold Coast Pipe Relining?

One word – convenience. Pipe relining allows a specialised plumber to repair pipes while they remain under the ground. This saves the homeowner a lot of fuss as the job can generally be carried out in 1 – 2 days. Dig up jobs can take 1 – 2 weeks plus time to re-build whatever infrastructure was previously above the pipe. This may include a driveway, floor tiles or a garden bed.

Pipe relining also comes with a 50-year guarantee on the product itself. Tree roots are unable to penetrate a section of pipe that has been repaired using relining technology.

Benefits of Gold Coast Pipe Relining

  • Convenience / minimal disruption: there’s no need to leave a big hole in your garden or find access for earthmoving equipment
  • The pipe is fixed permanently, unlike pipe replacement or the ‘dig up’ method. Tree roots cannot re-penetrate the relined section of pipe
  • Very quick process, less time required for repair
  • Both small and long runs of pipe can be relined as well as junctions and bends
  • Earthenware / clay and PVC pipes are both suitable ‘host pipe’ materials

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