Robotic cutters make blocked drains easy

This piece of equipment is priceless when it comes to Gold Coast blocked drain situations. Robotic cutters are the ‘big guns’ of drain cleaning technology. They are called in when the water jetter can’t do the trick. Pipe cutters can grind out objects such as protruding pipes, concrete, steel posts and large tree roots, among other things.

Difficult Gold Coast blocked drains

Picture this – you have a blocked drain that is constantly giving you grief. You finally call a plumber with a CCTV drain camera and high pressure water jetter to come out and investigate. Once the camera is in the pipe, it becomes evident that a steel rod has penetrated the pipe and the pipe lays 2 metres below the ground under a concrete slab that is paved.

The protruding steel rod is causing blockages as it is preventing sewage and debris flowing through the pipe.

In this situation, it will be too expensive to dig up the pipe, however, a robotic cutter can be used to grind away the metal rod. The robotic cutter can be sent into the pipe through an access point above the ground to the problem area. This mitigates the need for the concrete to be cut and the pavers to be lifted and re-paved.

Robotic cutters are also useful in removing other obstructions such as concrete, pipe, timber, very dense tree roots or even test plugs that can sometimes be accidently left inside the pipe by a plumber.

Robotic Cutters and Pipe Relining

There’s another handy use for this piece of equipment. When a pipe junction is relined, the junction will be covered over and will need to be cut out once the resin has cured. This can be done with a robotic cutter however, not all plumbers who offer relining services have a robotic cutter. It is important to choose a specialised plumber with the right tools for the job.

If the lateral pipework is not re-instated, this will likely cause blockages as the flow of the pipe is not maintained.