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CCTV Pipe Surveys & Investigations

We specialise in CCTV pipe inspections of all types. We have colour push cameras for pipes 40-150mm in diameter and tractor cameras with pan-tilt lens for pipes 140-1800mm in diameter.


Pre and post construction to council requirements on DVD and HDD using Wincan 8 software. Large civil development surveys for sewer and storm water. Small household surveys for almost any problem or inspection. Unusual inspections, such as water charged lines, vertical stacks, fire systems, enviromental investigations and flood & accident investigations. If that doesn’t cover it please call and ask.


Council Build Over Certification CCTV

We have two highly specialised machines for all types of pipe clearing and cleaning. Our portable unit can be used indoors for both private and commercial, ie. shops and restaurants etc. Our larger unit (pictured) can be used for all outside work for sewers and stormwater drains up to 450mm in diameter.


Pipe Location and Fault Finding

Locating with Ridgid NaviTrack™ and SeeKtech™ systems for location, depth, obstruction or other services we can provide most underground locating services.

The location transponder sends a signal from the camera head which we are able to track to the surface precisely marking the point the repair is needed or obstruction is to be removed.


By identifying and locating the cause of plumbing and pipeline problems with our system, we often eliminate excavation, destroyed landscape, jackhammers and street closures.

We carry out all asset location.


Insitu Pipe Repairs - No Digging

Pipe-Spy can repair your broken and leaking pipes with no excavation in most cases. Great for pipes under buildings or slabs. Our current system can repair storm water and sewer drains of the diameters of 100-450mm which are most common. We have expanded to repair the larger storm water pipes. (Concrete & FRC)


100mm to 450mm pipe diameters to restore lengths from as little as 100mm in cracked pipes Seal off live infiltration. Offset and open joint repairs. Stop exfiltration. Bridging of missing pipe


Fast ambient cure Structural repair. Non-disruptive. Corrosion resistance. User friendly. Cost effective. No excavation. Consistent & uniform thickness No by-pass pumping. Easy to install Great for body corporate and unit developments.

We now repair 100mm & 450mm Stormwater pipes.


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